Stark Parks to Seek Funding Request, Nov. 5, 2019

On June 5, 2019, the Stark County Park District Board of Park Commissioners voted to seek a 1.2 mill, 8 year property tax levy (1 mill replacement and 0.2 mill additional) for the November 2019 election. With this funding, Stark Parks will continue to make connections that will create destination experiences for users, add more programs for health and wellness, improve accessibility within and between parks, and continue the build out of the Stark County Trail and Greenway Master Plan. The proposal for the replacement and addition will be listed on the ballot as one item.

In accordance with the previous Five Year Plan, Stark Parks has added 40 miles of trails and 3 new parks, including the Pioneer Trail, the Iron Horse Trail expansion, the Nickel Plate Trail in Minerva, the Sandy Valley Trail, the Sippo Valley TrailQuail Hollow ParkFry Family Park, and Tam O’Shanter Park since 2014. The new Five Year Plan emphasizes increased countywide connectivity as prioritized by the public. It also outlines an overall support for upgrades to shelters and trailheads that include full restroom facilities. In addition, individual park master plans for the larger parks including Quail Hollow Park, Fry Family Park, and Tam O’Shanter Park call for the creation of visitor center and nature play spaces, upgraded park and trail signage, habitat restoration, providing more education programs and information, and increased security.

The annual estimated revenue is $9,999,553.00, averaging $1.39 more per month for a home valuation at $100,000. This increase will provide the necessary funding for the continued park development the public has indicated they would like to see.